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Eclipse Products


Eclipse Products: Gas Burners and More in Cochrane

Eclipse products offer clean heat technology that is safe, reliable and efficient for customers throughout the industrial sector. The staff at C.A.T. Combustion Automation Technologies will ensure you receive the correct product for the task at hand. From your product’s initial start-up to its maintenance and upkeep, we’re dedicated to your satisfaction by providing equipment designed for maximum performance and longevity. Minimize downtime, increase productivity, and improve your operating conditions with our broad range of products. For flame rods, UV scanners, and gas burners in Cochrane, we’re the team to call. Contact us for innovative thermal solutions.


Eclipse is recognized worldwide as a leading source of high-performance combustion solutions for scores of diverse industries. Industrial process heating products and systems exceed customer expectations for safety, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Air Heat Burners

Packaged burners; direct and indirect fired heating solutions; custom configured duct and air make up burners RatioMatic, Winnox, ThermAir, RHT & ER - indirect heater, voltometric, Air Heat line burners

Furnace Burners

High-velocity low emissions for your heat treating and other high-temperature applications
ThermoJet, ThermoJet self-recuperative, Furnox, ExtensoHeat

Tube Fired Burners

High-efficiency, low emissions with high velocity for tube firing applications: Bayonet Recuperator,
E-Jector, radiant tube, ImmersoJet indirect fired

Atmospheric Mixers, Injectors

Natural Draft, fire tube and open flame injectors, mixers and nozzle burners, FerroFix nozzles

Heat Exchangers

xothermics – heat Exchangers, cross flow, dimple stainless steel, Extern-A-Therm tubular exchangers

Air and Gas supply Components

SMJ combustion air blowers, AirJetor, mixers air and gas, gas hermitic boosters, booster packages

Combustion Controls

Veri-Flame burner controls, UV and flame rod flame detection, custom burner management control panels, process measurement and controls

Glass Industry Burners and Accessories

Air/gas, oxygen fuel burners, nozzle; burners, oil burners, Rimfire, package portable furnace heaters

Contact us today to discuss your options in greater detail.


Get Fired Up
Top-quality industrial combustion systems for heaters and more.

Feel the Burn
Our industrial burners are built rugged/tough and can handle the toughest of applications.

Balanced Burning
Keep your mixtures on point with smart industrial air/fuel ratio control systems.

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