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Hauck Products


Hauck Combustion Products for Alberta Industry

Since 1888, Hauck has manufactured the most reliable industrial burners for global combustion applications including solutions for the asphalt, glass, brick, metal, and drying industries. Our control over a complete line of burners, a knowledgeable staff of engineers, and an innovative line of controls means a tightly integrated combustion solution to match your needs. Talk to Hauck Manufacturing Company's experts today to see how our oil, gas, and combination burners can reduce your fuel costs and make your combustion process more efficient.


Eclipse is recognized worldwide as a leading source of high-performance combustion solutions for scores of diverse industries. Industrial process heating products and systems exceed customer expectations for safety, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Asphalt Burners

Low emissions package low Knox Multi-fuel burners for rotary drying
StarJet, Eco-Star II, MegaStar, NovaStar

Gas Burner

AirJet Gas burner

BBC MultiFuel Combination Burner

Gas or oil combination burners with low emission capabilities

BBG Gas Burner

High output, general purpose industrial burner

To discover your best options, get in touch with our team.


Get Fired Up
Top-quality industrial combustion systems for heaters and more.

Feel the Burn
Our industrial burners are built rugged/tough and can handle the toughest of applications.

Balanced Burning
Keep your mixtures on point with smart industrial air/fuel ratio control systems.

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