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Your Solution For Combustion Technology in Cochrane

When it comes to Engineered Design Built/Custom Packages, you’ve got it made with C.A.T. Combustion Automation Technologies. We provide technical process heating solutions to our customers, with value-added equipment such as spark igniters, gas regulators, flame-sensing equipment, and much more. With our help, you’ll be able to streamline production and maximize your facility’s capacity and space. Look below to see some of our heater projects and accessories.

Custom Heater Projects

Fiberglass mold curing oven

Fiberglass mold curing oven

Soak oven for 20-foot-long drill pipe

Soak oven for 20-foot-long drill pipe

Maxon Accessories

We also have various other components to complete your combustion package:

  • Maxon combustion air blowers
  • Combustion pressure switches
  • Combustion hand valves
  • Flame-sensing equipment
  • Spark igniters
  • Combustion hand shut-off valves, with limit switches if required
  • Natural-gas regulators
  • Fuel-oil supply skids…

…and much more! If it deals with combustion, we can help, so give C.A.T. Combustion Automation Technologies a call today .

Engineered Design Built


Get Fired Up
Top-quality industrial combustion systems for heaters and more.

Feel the Burn

Our industrial burners are built rugged/tough and can handle the toughest of applications.

Balanced Burning
Keep your mixtures on point with smart industrial air/fuel ratio control systems.

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