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Call for Combustion Troubleshooting and Site Start-up

With the rising cost of natural gas and oil, having your process burners running at optimum efficiencies is critical. Whether you are upgrading your burner system or repairing an existing one, a Maxon factory-trained burner specialist will be there to help you every step of the way.

Site Start-Up Assistance and Engineering Troubleshooting

We employ only fully qualified personnel to ensure smooth transition to any new Maxon package. We have factory-trained personnel to help diagnose and repair your burner issues. The Maxon test centre in Muncie, Indiana allows us to simulate various burner applications ensuring peak performance. If you have any questions about our combustion systems, or would like more information give us a call !


Get Fired Up
Top-quality industrial combustion systems for heaters and more.

Feel the Burn
Our industrial burners are built rugged/tough and can handle the toughest of applications.

Balanced Burning
Keep your mixtures on point with smart industrial air/fuel ratio control systems.

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